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Hello and welcome to my world of biker music and television. This is a special¬† page just for you the reader of Thunder Press. I have 15 of my most popular Harley biker tunes in a special collection just for you “The Best Of Pat Savage Thunder Press Special Edition”

Take a listen to the tunes and order now for just $9,99 by direct download. You can burn the album to a CD and add the tunes to your memory stick, I Phone, Android or MP3 player

Keep the rubber side down and Keep On Rollin safe. Vroom

Pat Savage

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The Best Of Track List

  1. Born To Ride
  2. Big City Lights
  3. Riding On My Harley
  4. Gotta Get Out
  5. Hog Wild
  6. Mountain Dew
  7. Keep On Rollin
  8. Ridin Hard Livin Free
  9. The Coolest Place
  10. I Got To Ride
  11. Matter Of Time
  12. Chasing The Clouds
  13. Jungle Out There
  14. Harley Man
  15. El Diablo

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