Savage Steel




A superbly recorded, skillfully produced and sweetly mastered acoustic album “Savage Steel”  can be ordered right here by direct download!

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“The music on “Savage Steel” is smooth, like a bottle of Mackmyra Moment Gold Single Malt Whiskey: quiet, smooth, delicious, sensuous and soothing.  Is it biker music? Hell yeah!”

Marilyn Elmore
Old School Biker

“Pat Savage’s new album “Savage Steel” hits the mark. Kick your boots off, put your feet up, pop a cold one and wait for the smile to come!”

Erick Turner
Thunder Press

“Never one to just rest on a formula that’s been successful in the past, Pat Savages’ new “Savage Steel” is more “Let’s kick back and just be” than his hard driving sound of previous releases… And I LIKE IT! These songs evoke the images of sitting around a campfire reminiscing with your brothers and sisters after a great days ride… I can’t think of a place I’d rather have the music take me, can you!”

Laura Mae Benson
Thunder Roads Texas

“Pat’s new acoustic album Savage Steel is a sweet departure from his well known rockin blues style. It is down home, deep fried cajun and coon ass friendly! Love this album”

Renee Harrall
Thunder Roads Louisiana

“Just got a sneak peek [ok ~ a listen~ lol] of Pat Savage’s latest album ‘Savage Steel’. Heard some new songs plus ‘unplugged’ versions of tunes from the Wind & Fire disc that we reviewed some time back. We’re liking Pat’s new work… the ‘unplugged’ style is cool. Good tunes!”

Bruce & Betsy
AriZona Rider Motorcycle News

“Pat Savage you’ve delivered a real gift, the essence of a great sound that becomes your best riding buddy on a long winding road”

Alf Gasparro
Duro Rider Gazette